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Everyone deserves a second chance and a bright future. Here at Pinto Law Group we can guide you through your options. Once we have consulted you on your chapter 7 or chapter 13 Bankruptcy, we will begin the filing process. Once your bk has been filed we will get your debts discharged as quickly as possible. You will have to attend court one time and after that you will receive your discharge in the mail any from 2-3 months later. After you get your discharge your debt free and can begin living stress free again. Many people start to receive credit card and other credit offers as soon they get the discharge. We know bankruptcy can be very stressful, give us a call today and begin taking back your life today


Estate Planning

Pinto Law group offers personalized comprehensive estate planning services, We handle all types of needs ranging from HIPAA authorizations, durable power of attorney, revocable living trusts, wills and many more. Each one of our plans are custom designed and drafted for your families specific needs. Setting herself apart from other Florida attorneys, Ms.Pinto recognizes that every clients situation is different and unique and prepares all documents accordingly. As no two situations are alike especially when you have second marriages, Special needs children, beneficiaries with creditor problems, involved. It is wise to disclose any and all information to Pinto Law Group at the time we are writing the documents.


Contract and Business Planing

Ms. Pinto has a tremendous background in business law. She and her staff would love to help you in the planning of your next corporation. We will help you decide which corporate structure works best for you during your formation. Once we here about your plans and what you are planing to do with the company, we will advise you which entity you should file for including, S-corporations, C-corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). We will also supply you with the needed documents including your buy-sell agreements, operating and partnership agreements and make sure you are fully protected. Call us today to get your business entity started on good footing.


Emergency Filing

If you are in danger of being foreclosed on or of losing your assets, an emergency chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy may be what you need. As soon as we file for your bankruptcy the automatic stay kicks in, which means that your creditors must cease all actions against you. If you are being foreclosed on it will immediately stop the foreclosure in its tracks. This will buy you more valuable time and give you the opportunity to negotiate with the lenders and creditors. We will guide you through every step of this process and keep you informed during the entire process. Bankruptcy is a very stressful situation have Pinto Law Group take care of it for you and leave the stress to us. We also can file emergency motions in any area.

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